MEA TOPSLOT (Minimal Profile) Channel Drainage

Architecturally discreet, minimal profile urban and landscaping channel drain: Load Classes A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900

In addition to its simple elegance, the MEA TOPSLOT TSH, TSL and TSC Systems offer a large array of advantages during and after installation. The MEA TSH TOPSLOT system has been designed for loading classes from A 15 to E 600. The system can also be upgraded to loading class F 900 on request. Beyond the standard heights of 160 and 180 mm, the MEA TSH TOPSLOT system can be delivered in very cost effective custom heights for specific projects. The flush positioned external contours simplify the paving and the special, extra thick, zinc coating of the TSH TOPSLOT guarantees maximum functional realiability and best possible resistance to corrosion. The TSH system is also available in stainless steel for making it a unique and longlasting design solution for drainage purposes.

Key Advantages

  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Simple maintenance and care
  • Elegant line management and high functionality
  • Can be mounted between loading classes from A 15 to E 600 (on request up to F 900)
  • TOPSLOTS made of plastic (TSC), galvanised Steel or stainless steel (TSH, TSL)
  • Available in clear widths 100, 150 and 200 mm (300 and 400 mm on request)


Product Code