MEARIN PG EVO Low Profile Channel Drainage (Multi-Storey and Underground Car Parks)

Low profile GRP channel drain specifically designed for multi-storey and underground car parks: Load Class F900


The PG EVO drainage system for multi-storey and underground car parks is the perfect evolution of our bestseller MEADRAIN PG. The PG EVO benefits from our latest developments and production techniques making it the benchmark when it comes to drain muti-storey and underground car parks.

Thanks to its monolithical construction and its intelligent comb design the PG EVO is the perfect drainage system for multi-storey and underground car parks. The optimised heights of 3 cm and the innovative installation possibilities make an economical and safe construction of parking decks possible. The PG EVO already fulfills all future parking construction regulations and is perfectly water tight.

The PG EVO drainage system is made of hight resistance SMC making it easy to seal and resistant against agression from salt and chemicals. The more the material is perfectly wear-free, resistant against any weather condition and offering linear extension values like steel reinforced concrete.

With it low construction heights of only 30 mm the PG EVO channel is perfectly adapted to be used with concrete ground constructions, with mastic asphalt grounds or OS floor coatings. Another major advantage in using the PG EVO is that you do not need to dig any moulds in the ground (with the risk of attacking the steel reinforcement in the ground) and thet it has no influence on static.

Key Advantages

  • Fully fledged system solution
  • Custom colour options
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to install
  • Glass-fibre-reinforced composite
  • Corrosion-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Total height 30 mm
  • Absolutely tight
  • Barrier-free
Product Code Datasheet
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