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Ancillary Steel Products

Our range of ancillary steel products include lifting keys to open a variety of access covers, step irons, and manhole ladders. Lifting keys are sold in pairs and our step iron products include bolt-on and built-in step iron types. Manhole ladders as standard or fabricated bespokely to your design.

Lifting Keys

Each manhole cover key has a different design and purpose: J-Type manhole cover keys for Recessed Trays (MC-7100 Series) and Pressed Steel (MHC-9100 Series), T-Handle for A15 Iron (MHC-5100 series) & Steel Solid Tops (MHC-9100 Series), and D-Handle for B125 Iron (MHC-6200 Series) C250 (MHC-6300 Series) D400 (MHC-6400 Series) and Block Pavior Trays (MHC-8000/8100 Series).

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For use with Recessed Trays (MC-7100 Series) & Pressed Steel (MHC-9100 Series)
For use with A15 Cast Iron (MHC-5100 series) & Steel Chequer Plate Solid Top (MHC-9100 Series)
For use with B125 Ductile (MHC-6200 Series) C250 Ductile (MHC-6300 Series) D400 Ductile (MHC-6400 Series) & Block Pavior Trays (MHC-8000 & MHC-8100 Series)

Step Irons

The MHC-3000 Series offers two types of step iron. The Build-In Type step iron, made of ductile iron with anti-slip design, for building into new manhole chambers. The Bolt-On Type retro-fit step iron has 2x15mm diameter holes for which we recommend the use of 12mm diameter expanding rag bolts. Various sizes and lengths.

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These built-in step irons are made from ductile iron and have an anti-slip design.
Bolt-on Step Irons (Retro Fit)

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