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MEADRAIN EN/ENS Channel Drainage (Heavy Industrial)

Abnormal load channel drain, ports and airports: Load Classes C250, D400, E600, F900
Product Details
Multiple Classes

The drainage channels in the MEADRAIN EN/ENS series are designed for very heavy loads. These drainage channels have a cast iron frame with an L-shaped or Z-shaped edge respectively. These high-performance channels therefore combine the low weight of polymer concrete with a reinforced design that is suitable for all loading classes up to F 900.

The MEADRAIN EN/ENS systems were developed as a drainage solution for particularly challenging environments like airports, railway stations, cargo areas, ports and industrial buildings. These high-quality drainage channels provide an extremely long lifespan as well as high resistance to chemical substances, salt and acids. MEADRAIN EN and ENS drainage channels can be supplied with an extensive range of accessories such as silt boxes and end caps.

  • mhc_icon_check@1x High quality polymer concrete with integrated side ribs for perfect anchoring in the concrete bed
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Perfectly frost resistant, wear-free and almost maintenance free
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Modular lightweight construction
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm widths
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Grating load classes C250, D400, E600, F900
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Numerous fall versions available
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Recyclable materials
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Large choice of gratings
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Capillary-free for fast water drainage and dirt removal
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Highly resistant against chemicals
  • mhc_icon_check@1x General building supervision approval granted
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