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MEALINE S Channel Drainage (Domestic)

Channel drain ideal for domestic driveways: Load Classes A15, B125
Product Details
Multiple Classes

MEALINE S is made from high-quality polymer concrete and is perfect for home applications and gardening as well as driveways.

MEALINE S drainage channels are extremely robust, weatherproof and resistant to frost.

Easy to install and to take care of, the MEALINE product series is sturdy and longlasting.

This domestic range of channel is without gradient fall and is passable for cars*.

There are 2 load class grating options: A15 galvanised steel slotted grating or B125 ductile iron slotted grating.

  • mhc_icon_check@1x For home applications, as well as driveways
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Proven professional material
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Easy installation and minimal excavation
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Clear width 100 mm
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Fast cleaning thanks to a snap-in grating
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Grating load classes: A15 galvanised steel slotted, B125 ductile iron slotted
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