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MEARIN PLUS Channel Drainage (Industrial)

Heat & chemical resistant GRP channel drain: Load Classes C250, D400
Product Details
Multiple Classes

MEARIN PLUS drainage channel is made from glass-fibre-reinforced composite (GRP) is a genuine all-rounder. Thanks to this innovative material, the MEARIN PLUS drainage channel is lightweight, easy to install and extremely robust (suitable for all loading classes up to D 400).

As a further advantage, the STARFIX channel cover fixing mechanisms allow the gratings to be fitted quickly and safely at a touch. MEARIN PLUS drainage channels are made entirely from glass-fibre-reinforced polyester (including the frames) and are ideal for any application in urban areas up to loading class D 400.

MEA'S PATENTED STARFIX QUICK FIXING MECHANISM speeds up installation and maintenance. Neither bolts nor special-purpose tools are required: simply insert the grating and press it in – “click” – that’s all! The 4-point lock prevents the gratings from working loose or rattling and secures them permanently against longitudinal shifting.

Integrating the STARFIX system in the drainage channel body does not restrict the gully cross section in any way and the exceptionally high flow capacity of the MEARIN drainage channels remains undiminished.

  • Channel cover fixing mechanism patented by MEA – the only one of its kind in the market
  • Secure! 4 locking points per grating for optimal hold
  • Extremely stable and durable! Integrated protection against longitudinal shifting
  • Efficient! The complete drainage channel cross section is unobstructed by the channel cover fixing mechanism and the drainage capacity remains undiminished
  • Fast! Easy installation and removal, no special-purpose tools required
  • STARFIX system fits in perfectly with the grating design
  • Quick and convenient locking system that reduces the noise level and absorbs shocks
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Easy to install, no mechanical assistance required
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Grating load classes B125, C250, D400
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm widths
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Eco-friendly: Fully recyclable
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Design: Wide selection of gratings
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Optimal anchorage in the concrete base
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Resistant to chemical substances, salt and oils
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Heat-resistant – mastic asphalt can be installed directly at the drainage channel
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