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Multiple Forklift Loading Recessed Airtight Seal

Locked, (7350M)
Product Details
Special Application - Civil and military air field aprons, where particularly heavy wheel loads are imposed by aircraft and towing vehicles.

Application: Suitable for internal and external situations subject to forklift traffic or other abnormal loads. The 7350M Series accepts a concrete or tarmacadam infill.

Construction: Multiple unit complete with removable support beams and bolt on type support pockets. Comprises galvanised mild steel recessed cover and frame to enable concrete or tarmacadam infill. Solid steel base plate design prevents prior nedd for shuttering. Units manufactured from matching lid and substantial frame section. Keying in bars fitted inside recess. Locked units secured with 4 galvanised steel screws. When unlocked, screw holes act as lifting eyes. Double seal units are airtight. Supplied single seal unlocked as standard.

Finish: Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard.

Manufacture: ISO9001 Quality system. F.A.C.T.A. (Fabricated Access Cover Trade Association) member.

Load Rating: FL: Suitable for use in abnormal load or forklift areas and equivalent to 50Tonne Gross Laden Vehicle Weight. Units tested to 5 Tonnes through a 150mm dia. test block. Also capable of taking a 11.5 Tonne slow moving wheel load via a 250mm dia. test block.

Ordering: Please state required MHC Order Code 7350M followed by required clear opening size and any optional extras i.e. MHC-7350M/2000x2000mm/DS/L = 2000x2000mm/Double Seal/Locking.

  • mhc_icon_options_seal Double seal = MHC order code suffix |DS
  • mhc_icon_options_lockable@1x Locking screws = MHC order code suffix |L
  • mhc_icon_options_lifting keys@1x Allen key head security screws = suffix |AK
  • mhc_icon_options_anti-terrorist@1x Ministry of Defence approved security screws = MHC suffix |MOD
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Brass Edging = suffix |BE
  • mhc_icon_check@1x Stainless Steel Edging = MHC suffix |SSE
Available Sizes
Product code Clear Opening (mm) Over Frame (mm) Frame Depth (mm) Internal Tray Depth (mm)
xxx x xxx c o 250 135 100
Available Sizes
Clear Opening (mm) xxx x xxx
Over Frame (mm) c o 250
Frame Depth (mm) 135
Internal Tray Depth (mm) 100
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